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If you are a current client with ActiveMD, we have several ways to quickly and efficiently handle your inquiries, support questions, and manage the current projects that we are in progress for your business

  1. File Sharing - When we need to exchange information, we use the file sharing software to share files between us. This allows for us to share with you our design concepts, articles, and reports that we are working on for you to give us your approval. Inversely, it allows us to receive any assets that we might need to build your project, such as: images, videos, music, or any documents you may need to give us.
  2. Project Management - In order to manage your project, and to give you a forum to ask questions and provide us with direction at certain times, we use a Project Management tool to manage that information and the time we spend giving to the services you require. Instead of calling us and leaving a message, we respond to the inquires placed with this system almost immediately to serve you.
  3. Patient Engage Inbound Medical Marketing Suite - Our flagship product, Patient Engage, gives you a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs with an automated self-service interface that you can use to find out what leads you have coming in, and be able to directly address their needs, as well as control your many aspects of your marketing campaign. Current clients can login here.
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medical marketing, patient education